Q: What is Muuce?
A: Muuce is an open publishing platform creative people can use to publish and sell their artwork - initially as high quality art prints, available in limited editions. Muuce facilitates production, packaging, sales and distribution for all artists using the Muuce platform. 

Q: What is your vision with Muuce?
A: It’s twofold. For artists we want to create a sustainable business model that enables good artists to share and market their artwork with a broad audience and make a living selling art. For people appreciating art we want to be a preferred marketplace for discovering creative and unique artwork. Besides being an exponent for great art and quality, we also want the limited art prints to be available at affordable prices.

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: Muuce will ship from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: Currently to all EU countries and United States. 

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about Muuce?
A: Please contact hello@muuce.com for any enquiries.

Q: Where are you / Muuce located?
A: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: Which countries will you support?
A: Artists from all countries will principally be able to sell their artwork  on Muuce.com.

Q: Which languages will you support?
A: Muuce will initially support English as the only language.

Q: Which currencies will you support?
A: Published artwork will be priced and payable in Euros.

Q: How do you ensure that printing does not harm the environment?
A: All prints are created using only high-quality, FSC-certified paper and under certification of the Nordic Ecolabel (The Nordic Ecolabel “Svanemærket” is the official sustainability label for the Nordic countries).

Q: How does the minimum order requirement work?
A: A print will only be produced if a minimum order requirement has been reached. The minimum order requirement has been set to ensure there’s a minimum level of demand for the artwork in order to avoid costly production of artwork with limited or no demand. This enables us to pay the artist more than if we had to incur such costs and the artwork can therefore be sold at a lower price to the benefit of our customers.

Mainly for artists

Q: Will I retain ownership of my artwork?
A: Artist retains ownership of the original artwork uploaded. Muuce will have ownership of the produced prints until they are sold. 

Q: Will I retain copyright to my artwork?
A: When using Muuce to publish your artwork you accept that you give up your copyright to make prints on paper of the artwork offered. As we are helping you to sell your artwork in prints of limited issues it is necessary to restrict the copyright in order to avoid that the same artwork is sold on print elsewhere. It is both in the interests of artists using Muuce and  that the customer can trust that the limited prints they purchase actually are limited in issue and will keep being so.
Q: How do you ensure quality of the artwork on Muuce.com?
A: Muuce will only feature artists on our homepage and featured artists pages that have carefully been selected.

Q: What paper quality/type is used for printing?
A: Muuce will exclusively use high quality FSC-certified paper of the following types:
Munken Lynx 200g
Munken Pure 200g
Munken Arctic Volume White Silk 200g
Multiart Gloss 250g
The paper types have been selected due to their different qualities suitable for  different expressions of art. The artist can select the paper best suitable for their own work.
Q: How does a campaign publication work?
A: It is easy. Simply upload your artwork digitally on the Publish page . Then select your selling price, choose format, paper type, issue size and preferred framing of your artwork. You can view your estimated profit instantly. To ensure a high quality print it is necessary that your uploaded image has at least 150 pixels per inch (PPI) which will be detected when you upload your image file and be visible on the PPI-counter. You’ll then be able to place your artwork correctly on the selected paper. Finally we ask you to help us promote your artwork through the social plugins. Together we want to turn your creation into a commercial success. Muuce then takes care of the rest - including production, sales, packaging and distribution.

Q: How is the profit calculated?
A: Profit is calculated as revenue from selling with deduction of costs of production, packaging, distribution, , cost of money transfer and administration.

Q: How much do I receive?
A: The artist receives 80% of the profits and Muuce retains only 20% of the profits after costs. 

Q: When do I receive payment?
A: Profits based on revenue received will be transferred to artists on a monthly basis through Paypal. 

Q: Will I receive a print of my artwork?
A: Yes, Muuce will send you a free print of your artwork once the order threshold has been reached and your artwork has been produced.  

Q: How does Muuce ensure quality of the print?
A: Muuce work with an experienced production partner using only the best quality papers for offset art printing. You will be able to view a PDF-file of your work that has been optimised for offset printing. Log in, click your name in the menu and go to Publications.

Q: Who are the other Featured Artists and how have they been recruited?
A: The featured artist have been recruited by the same invitation you have been given. You will be able to see other featured artists once you enter the site by accessing the site.

Q: How will you market Muuce?
A: Muuce is servicing all of the above mentioned regions. To promote Muuce and generate awareness we will initiate various press, adverting and promotional activities in selected markets. Some of the promotional activities will be joint efforts with some of the artists represented on Muuce.com. Artists are also encouraged to leverage their own network in promoting their art work

Q: In which countries will you actively promote Muuce?
A: Initially the Northern European countries but eventually world wide.

Q: How do you compare to other similar services?
A: Generally Muuce don’t want to promote or sell basic merchandise. We want to promote and sell quality artwork.  We focus exclusively on procuring great art prints using high quality materials and the best printing methods so that the artwork is presented in the best possible way. We also focus on cost and price but not to the extent that great quality can not be achieved. The reason for keeping the cost and price low is to increase the audience for your art work and enable you to sell quality works in greater numbers keeping your income per art work you publish substantial in size. 

Q: I have my own store - why should I consider using Muuce?
A: Muuce provides you with a platform for potentially reaching a much larger audience and takes care of production, marketing and distribution enabling you to focus on creating.

Q: Can I remove my published artwork?
A: Yes, you can only remove artwork where no orders has been received yet.

Q: Can I edit my published artwork?
A: You can only remove artwork where no orders has been received yet.

Q: Can I change the price for my artwork after publication?
A: No, the price will be fixed at the level you choose to enhance transparency for the customer. It is important to take this into consideration before publishing your work. 

Q: Who owns Muuce?
A: Muuce is a private company founded and owned by Jesper K. Brandt and Lars B. Houlind.