Mika Suutari

mikasuutari.com Night Photography from Finland Nurmijärvi, Finland
A short biography My name is Mika Suutari. I'm a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. I love to capture night. In photography the best is a clear sky, the misty fields in the morning and just listen to the sounds of nature. In those moments I forget everything else and only concentrate on taking pictures.

First, I only took nature photographs. I didn’t retouch or alter the images in any way. I didn‘t want the picture to have anything that is not a natural part of the nature. Ever since I started taking pictures, I have felt that the subject or technical quality of the picture is not what matters. What is important is the mood of the image and what it conveys.

Recently I have started adding some elements to my images to convey a particular mood or a message. However, a good picture is born out of a great moment, good lighting and the vision of the photographer.

I have always wanted a mystical feel to my pictures. In the last few years I have mainly taken pictures at night, early morning or late in the evening.

I like pictures with a powerful athmosphere and I intent to have that in my photography. I hope my pictures convey the feeling I get when I capture those moments.